Micro Tel Communications

About Us

Micro Tel Communications was established in 1981 by Carl Navarro and Marty Bernritter in Bowling Green, Ohio. Our first customers were in Defiance, OH and we soon began to build a customer base of small professional offices, offering key telephone systems and paging.

In 1987 Micro Tel bought Tuohy Telephone in Defiance and expanded the retail store in Bowling Green. We also began to offer Comdial, Panasonic and Vodavi phone systems, LaserVoice (now KeyVoice) and AmAnda voice mail systems, and a new thing called Ethernet network cabling.

As phone systems became more reliable and consumer phones became disposable, the need for a retail store faded and we closed the store in 1994 and moved to an office in the Huntington Bank building in Bowling Green. In 3 years, we did one demo at our office, so in 1997 we closed the office and moved everything to a home office where we have access to high speed internet, VoIP lines, fax, and computer facilities.